````RCOS 70mm Series - Field Flattener / Corrector...

Optical Layout of the RCOS 70mm Field Flattener / Corrector position.

RCOS 70mm Series Field Flattener / Corrector

The 70mm Series Field Flattener / Corrector (FFC-70mm) threads into the 70mm PIR or a mounting plate. Terminating threads are for the 70mm Series FIA and Astro-Physics accessories.

Field Flattener / Corrector - 70mm Russell Croman October 2004

Designed exclusively for RC Optical Systems, this Field Flattener reduces field curvature and off axis astigmatism, while also reducing off axis spot size. The FFC mounts on the back plate or inside the 2004 Model (or newer) PIR. There is no telecompression and will allow the optics to operate at their native f/ratio.

Designed specific to the 12.5RC and 14.5RC. Ideal for use with 35mm square format CCDs.

70mm Field Flattener Corrector
Telescope Specific Mounting Plate