RCOS Telescope Interface Module (TIM)...

Telescope Interface Module (TIM)

Designed and manufactured in house at RCOS!

Starting from a "clean sheet" in the fall of 2009, RCOS developed and manufactured a replacement for the TCC line of telescope controllers.

The Telescope Interface Module (TIM) is designed to control and operate the Secondary Mirror Focuser, Precision Instrument Rotator, Robotic Primary Mirror Cover, and provide basic temperature control via 2 separate heaters and a set of fans. The TIM can be setup and controlled with a handheld remote and onboard 2x16 character display or a very intuitive PC based graphical user interface (GUI).

• Fast RISC architecture
• Green (ROHS compliant)
• USB & Ethernet Interface
• Micro-stepping Camera Rotator
• Cover-Flap controller
• Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for 0-100% power heater and fan control
• Capable of 10A of concurrent load
• Sensor Suite Monitors and Prevents Exceeding “End of Travel” at both ends

• Windows 7 compatible
• Windows, Mac, & Linux Support

Includes 50/60Hz Power Module.

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Telescope Interface Module